Rebecca Kenigsberg
Rebecca Kenigsberg

Upcoming and In Development Prokects

Upcoming and In Development

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Continuing my collaboration with Geo Britto and Centro de Teatro do Oprimido in Rio de Janeiro, I am coordinating a Theater of the Oppressed Intensive Training.


Two college exes see each other for the first time in years at a friend’s wedding. The group bets on if the former lovers will fight or reignite a flame. Meanwhile, the exes are harboring their own discoveries they want to share. Something Old, Something New explores love, lost, sexuality, and labels - or lack there of.


In development: It is 1950, New York City. A new musical about the unlikely bond between Rachel, a young Jewish women who fears the post-World War 2 anti-Semitism, and Taylor, a young African-American woman who is fighting for her rights. An exploration of race, Otherness, and privilege and the African-American/Jewish Alliance.